What Makes our Doctors Special?

Education and Collaboration:

Within the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, there is an organization that promotes high standards of veterinary medicine through continuing education. This organization is called the Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice. Participation in The Academy is completely voluntary.

In order to maintain our veterinary licenses,  the State Board of Texas requires 17 hours of continuing education annually.  Members of TAVP go above and beyond these requirements and commit to obtain a minimum of 50 hours annually. Of the approximately 3,500 veterinarians in Texas, less than 150 choose to participate in this program each year.

We pride ourselves in:

All four of the veterinarians at the Animal Medical Center of Plano take pride in their memberships in The Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice. Medicine (be it human or veterinary) is always changing. Continuing education allows us to always be up to date and informed not only on the latest therapies and treatments for existing diseases, but also on the status of emerging diseases. We, at AMCOP, strive to always be on the forefront of veterinary medicine so that we may always provide the best possible care for your pet.

On top of our commitment to education, our vets also have the privilege of working together in a highly collaborative environment. Between us, we have over 80 years of veterinary experience to pull from. We learn from each other almost as much as we learn from continuing education. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes and ears is needed when cases get challenging. At AMCOP, there is always another doc around to give a second opinion when things get difficult.