Project Description

First and foremost, we are an animal hospital. As much as we enjoy seeing your pet when they are in peak health, we’re fully equipped to evaluate and treat them when they are ill. The Veterinarians at AMCOP are very proud of their reputation, even among other veterinarians, for excellent diagnostic and medical care.

Our Doctors are Always Learning

The doctors at AMCOP share a passion for the ever changing field of veterinary medicine. Our veterinarians are always learning, through local continuing education meetings, national conferences, consultations with specialists, and extensive online research. Despite our vets having a combined 70+ years of practice experience, our medical skills are anything but “outdated”.

All of this education, coupled with the open, collaborative environment amongst our four doctors means that we have the knowledge, insight and experience to provide the best in medical care and diagnostic options for your pet.

Cutting Edge Care with a Personal Touch

At AMCOP, we take the time listen to YOU, the client. When you visit our hospital, you will have ample time with the veterinarian to ensure that your pet receives a thorough evaluation and all your concerns are addressed. If your pet is ill, we do our very best to see him or her the same day. No pet should have to wait days for “the next available appointment” when he is not feeling well.

Veterinary care can get expensive, therefore, we at AMCOP strive to work with every individual client to discuss all the possible treatment and diagnostic options so that we can formulate the best plan for your pet and your budget.

Extensive Network of Specialty Care Referrals Available

Despite our best efforts, some cases prove to be of such complexity that they may fall beyond our diagnostic or treatment capabilities. Animal Medical Center is happy to have access to an extensive network of some of the best and brightest board certified veterinary specialists in the DFW Metroplex and beyond. We have relationships with veterinary neurologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, general and orthopedic surgeons and more.

Is your pet struggling with chronic pain or other ailments? Alongside the care our veterinarians provide, we have access to certified veterinary acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine providers, and both massage, and physical therapists.

These relationships we have with specialists and practitioners help ensure our patients will have access to the best available diagnostics and treatments available.

   Medical Services

  • Our Doctors are Always Learning

  • Cutting Edge Care with a Personal Touch

  • Extensive Network of Specialty Care Referrals Available