Our Staff



Danielle worked at AMCOP on and off since 2011. Danielle has 9 horses, including a Percheron, off track Thoroughbreds, Halflinger, Paints and Quarter horses. Most of them are rescues. She also has a Golden Retriever/Shepherd mix named Hondo. When not at AMCOP, she can be found teaching riding lessons, hosting trail rides, or two stepping. Her favorite things about working with animals are the rewards! That moment when a horse she is training finally “gets it”, or when she helps bring a sick pet back to optimal health.

If she could be any animal, what would it be? “This is hard! Maybe a sea turtle or a dolphin. Swimming in the ocean would be cool! I think I’d either be a sea turtile mining my own business or a quirky dolphin, playing all the time”.