Dr. Vivian Carroll - Veterinarian


Dr. Vivian Carroll is a valued veterinarian at Animal Medical Center of Plano.

Dr. Carroll graduated Cum Laude from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. She came to work for Dr. Sharp as a baby vet in 2000. After eighteen years with Dr. Sharp, she decided to take a break to work with rescue pets at Mazie's Mission, a nonprofit veterinary hospital. During this sabbatical from private practice, she got to focus on the needs of these sickest of patients who wouldn't get help otherwise. A few years later, that position came to an end, and she came back to her practice family at Animal Medical Center of Plano.

Dr. Carroll enjoys building relationships with clients that lead to years of thoughtful collaboration on what's best for their pet's health and wellbeing. At this point in her career, she's pretty much just an avid general practitioner. She has an interest in internal medicine and figuring out difficult cases, with the understanding that sometimes referral to a boarded specialist is the best thing for the pet. On occasion, referral is not in the cards, and she strives to find creative solutions to reconcile the owner's personal and financial expectations with optimal quality of life for the pet.

Dr. Carroll lives with her husband in Allen. She's got two sons. One is a biomedical science major at Texas A&M University. The other is in high school, an Eagle Scout, and a proud member of the Allen Escadrille. In her free time, her favorite thing in the world is to read books or fanfiction under a pile of her four pets: two cats that she and Dr. Cook bottle raised named Branch and Ruby, a terrible counter-surfing, sock eating Lab named Perla, and a neurotic terrier mix named Nixon. Dr. Carroll is also a burgeoning writer, mosaic artist, live music fan, and casual yoga afficionado.

Dr. Carroll is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, The Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and the Collin County Veterinary Medical Association. She served on the board of directors for five years, including one year as president of the association. She currently publishes SpotLight, the association magazine, and serves as an advisor to the board.

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